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UPDATE:  3/8/10 - Owners provide contact email for PISSED customers. Read Letter.
UPDATE:  West Coast Fitness CEO Ray Pelasky threatens litigation! Read the email threat.




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12/30/2012 - Tiff

Bad business

The guy (Pelasky) is doing the same in Evans Georgia that he did in Az unbelievable that people like that just go ruining club around and deceiving people's moneys


11/17/2012 - anonymous


Yes, Ray "Chip" Pelasky is at Quantum Fitness/Academy located at 4408 Evans to Lock Rd. Evans, Ga 706-210-1140. He is running the day to day operations.


11/15/2012 - Quantum Fitness

Ray "Chip" Pelasky

I Meant Ray "Chip" today at Quantum Fitness.Located at 4408 Evans to Lock Rd. Evans, GA 30809 # 706-210-1140.


7/5/2012 - kenny

contact me

Hi everyone

I would like to invite you all to to email me to add your names to court documents

If you are in the UK especially get in touch!

I have taken ray to court twice and won twice.. he can not trade in the UK without settling his debts and he owes me now a lot of money

I am not going to type all the crap that has happened or the stupid excuses he provides... he has been given lots of opportunites to settle and has not.

There fore if anyone wishes to prepare a case in the USA i would be happy to lend the evidence as already produced via the UK courts.



6/25/2012 - mark


i think this management
sucks makes me so sick
im leaving Quntum


2/12/2012 - kim


so every 1 knows wot ray is like nar,i lived wi him in the uk 4 3yr ,he ad me fooled i woz only 17 wen we met an lied bout his age an anythink an always ran away an never payed his bills an i no 4 a fact he took coke an smoked crack he all so an an eatin prob ,he wud eat then make him self sick .he tret my like a little girl made me wear wot he likes an if i every said owt he wud hit me,am glad i left him.


11/8/2011 - The 'REAL' Brenda

Stop posting fake posts

I am the 'real' Brenda that dated Ray many years ago. I did not write that stupid post. Ray did not borrow money from me and I think his last girlfriend Amber in Phoenix needs to find something better to do with her time. Do not write lies pretending to me just so can write back a week later responding about yourself. Someone just told me about this site and how my name was included on it. This site is for the people that are getting screwed over for paying their membership dues so keep me out of this, thanks.


10/14/2011 - Anonymous

he has moved on to another

ray has moved to another club now. he is in evans at a club called quantum fitness. skip tracing is not hard.


9/3/2011 - BEAST


I just sent the email - suggest you all do the same.

I know a lot about this guy - but do not want to post up details or he will figure out who i am.

Its a pity this site does not have EMAIL links - so that people can email each other!

Ray did work in GOLDS - I just rang them.

He does not work there now.

I found some vids of him on youtube - you can too - just type his name in.

Anyway - there is a warrant for his arrest, that is a fact, he has fled at least 2 countries before hitting the US.

I am coming for you fu cke r


Its my nickname because I am a relentless animal and I love to hunt :)

I am looking forward to seeing you Ray - its been a while -

Ray - you want me to publish your address now so people can come and visit you?

The agent was VERY helpful!


7/20/2011 - Brian suter

Golds Gym

That's hilarious talk but Ray actually got fired from Golds Gym for sleeping and partying with his staff all weekend. He sleeps with little girls and shoots steroids in their little butts.


6/7/2011 - Ginger Reynolds

Ray is in Roanoke va

if you are looking for ray, he's in roanoke va working at a gold;s gym...up to his same old tricks


5/24/2011 - Jerome

Ray is in VA

Ray is in Roanoke VA at Golds' Gym I feel sorry for them.


5/18/2011 - Who Cares


Ray is a coke addict. Amber could care less stupid Bitch. She is better off with the UFC fighter she is dating. Grow up Whore.


5/10/2011 - Brenda

My boyfriend

I dated Ray for the past few years while he was seeing his girlfriend Amber. He told me so many times of all his fraud. He cheats on everyone and steals. He borrowed money from me so many times to pay his bills. He keeps telling me we will be together but who knows.


1/25/2011 - Jason

Nex Level

I found out the memberships where transfered to tangabile fitness and effective immediatley they are no longer billing those customers... but will continue to honor any membership up and till Oct 2011


1/11/2011 - what ever

Hey Todd...

I filed a complaint and ya know what? They said there was not sufficient evidence
So know what?


1/9/2011 - Chris

Still Being Charged....

I am still being charged monthly for my membership at NexLevel - anybody know how to get around this?


1/7/2011 - John

I am still being charged...

I am still being charged for next level fitness. YOu guys are no longer in business and I got a fee as a result. This is not right, we cancelled our memebership and was told this was not supposed to be charged to our account. YOu have deducted an additional $40 from our and we were hit with an NSF fee of $34.00. I expect to be reimbursed for the full amount. Please contact me at the e-mail above.


12/7/2010 - Todd

File Complaint with Attorney General

I see a lot of complaints about unscrupulous business practices within this compnay. Just follow the link below to the Attorney General website and fill out the online form. After enough complaints they will investigate and sanction fines/penalties.


11/26/2010 - Lindsay

What the hell?

I am still being charged by Next Level fitness!! What do I do to stop this? I got a membership with Pure Fitness b/c they told me they would be honoring my membership from Next Level. So I signed up with Pure and now I'm being charged 20 for Pure and 20 for Next Level!! How do I stop this non-sense? Somebody please help. I would like to sue, so if anyone else would like to take some kind of action, please tell me.


11/23/2010 - Ray

Hey Ray,Jim Hardee,J T III

Hope you assholes eat shit for thanksgiving you pieces
of shit....Woooo Hooooo!!!!


11/16/2010 - R

FINALLY Paramount directly..ask for Leigha or Mr. Daniel...both were very helpful to me. Pure is now owned by LA Fitness so you cannot go there to cancel, because LA did not purchase West Coast/NexLevel's memberships. Hope that helps.


11/15/2010 - robert


i am still being charged on my cc for monthly membership fee


11/4/2010 - greg

don't know ray but. . . really?

I had to call paramount about 10 times, sent 5 emails and a fax and finally it was cancelled. Same story. . talk to management (there is none). . talk to paramount. . .talk to management. Currently disputing charge for september drafted on the first although membership clearly states 15th???? Here is why I know the management and the people involved are crooks. I asked about the financiaal stability of the club when i got my membership. I was told, "No worries, the owners have enough money to run the club for a year no matter what". Hmmmm really. Sure doesn't sound like that was even close to the truth. Unforunate is that the membership stipulates that it can be transferred to any club. Not sure what happens when THERE IS NO CLUB!!!!!! And for grins i too have just recieved my notice that tangible is taking over. I have to see if I have been charged again. My dispute with the bank has been disputed by Paramount even though paramount is who told me to do the dispute. Anyone get any charges back? Anything being done in terms of a law suit or criminal charges? If so count me in. For the record the money isn't that big a deal except that i don't like crooks taking my money


11/1/2010 - WTF alright...

Hey Jim

Just go to your bank cancel the card (not the account)and
stop the madness..Paramount
calls me once a week asking me
"why" they can't charge my
card? I go there IS NO GYM
assholes... Then a week later someone else from there calls me again..


10/28/2010 - Jimmy


So back in August when the doors closed at the 16th st. location there was a sign that read contact Pure Fitness. I did and at that time they told me that they were going to open in about two weeks. They then allowed me to put a freeze on my account until it was def going to open. I received no charge in September. Then on Oct. 20th I noticed a charge to my account. That is how I found out Tangible Fitness took over.A few days later I received an e-mail from Tangible saying they were my new gym. Since then I have gone to Tangible and asked for a refund and to make sure my account was being canceled. They told me the charge was not by them and I needed to contact Paramount. Paramount tells me I need to talk to Tangible. Does anyone know what the hell is going on?


10/20/2010 - informer







10/20/2010 - Shelley

Nexlevel keeps taking dues out of mu account

even though the club is NOT open, since month end August, and there is no agreement with another club to take over memberships.


10/19/2010 - Management

Nex Level Memberships Now Honored At Tangibile Fitness

All nex Level memberships will be honored at Tangibile Fitness

4526 N. 7th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85014
(602) 314-6444


10/16/2010 - Dear fan

Dear "fan"

Yeah right Jim AND JT are in the same boat as RAY..
Oh they had "no idea" what was going on AHhhhhhHHHhh!!
yeah right....


10/14/2010 - a fan of this site


check out now. there is no web site about jt or jim or anyone else. just ray. so truely who is the real crook in all of this. PELASKY thats who. lmao. go check out the web site.


10/13/2010 - koi

Hoping JT gets indicted and goes to prison

I hope the city indicts JT for fraud, bad faith, larceny as the guy is a crook. He lied to my face about the gym having all these great varieties and it was shit-hole... Fucking liar that guy is.


10/1/2010 - Erika Ruiz

overdraft fees like CRAZY!!!

pretty much i started off going to the gym in may and my monthly charge was SUpposed to be $20 every 15th of every month. sounds reasonabe, so i made my mom and brother join and offered to pay for it. ( a total of $60 a month) not bad, so a few months later they pulled three seperate trasactions of $20 on the 10th or so of the month when i hadn't disposited my check. so what happened?? THREE SEPERATE OVERDRAFT FEES FROM BANK OF AMERICA OF $35 EACH!!! total of $165 in the trash. i called bank of america which wasn't much help and well the gym closed short after!


9/21/2010 - Dildo

LMAO !! of the REAL RAY!!!

Please GOD I hope the fed's are reading this shit while They take your asses to JAIL..


9/20/2010 - Ray


I am Ray Pelasky this is and will be the only time I will write on this web site…
My point isn’t to bash anyone here.. I am not going to say Shane this or Scott that or Joey this or whoever… The point is I am tired of the lies being posted so I feel I need to clarify some points that are being written about me and the business I have refrained from entertaining this as libel and slander is mostly what has happen here to many people on this site some pretending to be people they are not.. And making false allegations so I will this ONE TIME set the record straight.. I was only involved as a sweat equity owner 10 months not 2 years! I did not ever control the money and paid bills with what was given to me! Fact—
I was hired by Shane Franklin in July 2008 to run AZ -which at the time was Powerhouse Gyms after I was referred by a club owner in Georgia who was impressed with my skills that I recently just finished doing consultant work with.
1.) I was asked by the board directors to look after the business from Jan 22 2009 until May 2009 at which time I was never an owner of this company and only held and officers position from Jan 29th until March 12th or there about with SSF inc.. And I repeat-- was only and employee of the this company which was SSF for roughly 10-11 months..July 2008 until May 2009.. Facts documented at NV SOS…
2.) The company was divided up by the 3 owners which were signed on April 22nd 2009 or there about—Kent White and Keith Saunders took some clubs and Shane Franklin kept the company SSF and took what clubs he wanted…
3.) A new company was set up and I was given sweat equity in this company for 2 reasons… 1.) I was owed over $63k up to this point in monies owed that I never received, because the company couldn’t afford to pay me since it had over 750k in debt that was owed immediately from day one Jan 23rd—2009 the day after they removed one of the partners which was made up of,--300k loan- 150K hard money loan- 80k in back equipment payments- 100K landlord in Mesa- 28K landlord in Gilbert- 46K landlord in Scottsdale- other landlords in Nevada and California… and other utility bills and back payroll that was still owed from day 1 after the board made a decision to go into a different direction on Jan 22nd 2009 they were faced with all these bills due…..I am not going to go into why they made a decision to go in different direction I am here to state facts. Not get into he said she said….
4.) A lot of people where owed a lot money, a lot of payroll checks bounced during Sept 2008 until Jan 2009 and you know what--- the 2 investors struggle to keep pouring money into the business and catch up all the bills so there were more payroll checks that bounced.. But in the end everyone got paid..
5.) I was an officer and sweat equity owner from May 2009 until the Spring of 2010 at which time I resigned but stayed on as and consultant Fact—Nevada secretary of state .. Look it up…Most people don’t know that….
6.) None of the original owners planned for this demise it happen… the amount of money that had to be paid early on made it almost impossible to keep the business running but we did… I had to negotiate a lot of the debt and still maintain sales. Fact
7.) Kent White lost his Job in the Fall of 2009 and that made it almost impossible to stay open but we did.. Kent sold off over 700k in stock that he had built up over the years to keep the gyms open and staff employed FACT…
8.) Some staff did have payroll checks bounced but all got paid in the end.. Kent and Keith made sure of that.
9.) Drug use—NEVER!! Anyone that knows me knows that I’m not like that at all period!
10.) No one was asked to shred anything by me! This isn’t ENRON!! Bank statements Credit card statements.. And Payroll was all done by outside companies and they have records for 7 years.. So this does not make any sense at all..
11.) The owners and company attorney are working out payment plans with back taxes and they will be paid FACT!
12.) NO one was double billed intentionally… We don’t manual run anything from a billing point of view that was done by Paramount..Only POS done by recpt or Sales Staff--
13.) Cancelations – Yes we could of handled this better and when it was brought to my attention we put in procedures so it was done immediately at the desk by the OM’s and in the last 90 days it improve by 100%...
14.) Improvements—Yes in the real world some of the clubs should have had money spent on new equipment and paint- cardio etc.. But there was no money..
15.) Taking money from the business? This is false! I’m owed over 30k in back wages from this year alone and over 22k I spent using my CC to help with utility bills this year… Which is documented and have proof,! In addition, my staff handled the deposits and I never sold a membership during the whole time I was involved with the company I was busy trying to save it, 2nd My partners will testify to the above facts.. And anyone who has worked with me in the past will tell you the same thing.. I have integrity and do not do that!
16.) Phoenix club- Pure Fitness was going to re-open the club within a week and take everything over.. that fell through.. Once we got confirmation, paramount was contacted and told to turn the draft off… NO MONIES HAVE BEEN PAID TO PURE OR NEX LEVEL it is sitting in a trust account with paramount… there are discussion with another club down the road from Nex Level who may take over the membership I will post as soon as it happens…

I hope this clarifies some points and shines a light on others.. In the end many many people got hurt by this.. Employees lost jobs! Owners lost everything.. Landlords lost tenants.. Members lost their local gym..Reputations were damaged.. No one win’s from this… no one!

I am sure there will be more bashing to come..The main owners ran the business as best as it could.. Them being in CA and me being here I was the one that everyone seen.. But wasn’t the money guy ever.. You cannot make champagne out of lemons! It is impossible… I have been in this industry for over 20 years… and built up and excellence reputation my only downfall here was staying as long as I did… but I felt obligated to try and Help Kent and Keith I don’t know how to quit…it isn’t in my vocabulary…..Could they of done things differently..Yes.. But remember when you are handed a company with close to a million dollars in debt and losing 125k a month from the beginning you are against the wall from the start…



9/20/2010 - DANA

His "M.B.A." is a fake. Obviously.

Ray mentions on his many websites that he has an MBA from Belford University. (And why does he follow his name with MBA, like it's "MD" or "PhD"? I went to a real college, but I don't address myself to others as "Dana, B.S.".)Belford is an online university where you can PURCHASE a degree based on life/work experience or take an "equivalency test". So for less than $600 we can ALL get MBAs! That guy is pathetic.


9/19/2010 - Joey


Guys, I dealt with Paramount when I ran the Clubs in Nevada. They will do whatever the owners tell them too...even draft the accounts again with the clubs being closed. Your best way out is to report the cards stolen, and have new cards sent. or go into your bank, and change your Checking Account number. There are no gyms open so obviously it will never affect your credit. But the only way to have closure is new cards and accounts! I am sorry you guys had to go through this, I helped everybody I could both employee and customer before I left the company in Nevada, I can show you the thank you e-mails from employees and members. I also apologize that things got so childish on here. The bottom line, move on with new bank info...then dispute the charges feel were fraudulent. The proper authorities will make sure everybody will have their day. But again, if anybody needs e-mails or support to fight this stop. I will help!

Good Luck to all!


9/17/2010 - koi

SPOKE to Lindsay at Paramount

She is no longer going to deduct money from my account and is the only person who hasn't "accidentally" hung up on me from Paramount... Call and ask for her and see if she can help you.


9/17/2010 - Koi

Calling Better Business Bureau

I spoke to Wells Fargo Fraud dept and told them the situation. They stopped payment to Paramount after Paramount refused to cancel telling me that I "needed" to speak with someone from Nextlevel. I called the 2 numbers Paramount gave me and, to no surprise, they were disconnected... So, Wells Fargo Fraud dept is stopping payment to them and gave me the number to the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU... I strongly recommend calling them - (703) 276-0100 is the number Wells gave me... These people are scam artists IN MY OPINION. Paramount KNEw the gym had closed in August and STILL billed my account in Sept. THIS IS FRAUD!!! Call your bank and the BBB...


9/17/2010 - Brendan

Paramount Funding - West Coasts Billing Company

Just got off the phone with these folks. They are still holding all of our accounts waiting for a response from Nextlevel fitness on what to do with these accounts. Please get your bank involved....I had WellsFargo Fraud department on a call with me. Paramount is in violation of the Visa guidliness as a merchant! Please everyone make a stink if you were a member at this gym because I don't think we have heard the last of it with these contracts that are in the hands of paramount finance.


9/17/2010 - Brendan

Pure Fitness will not honor NextLevel members

Tried to go to Pure Fitness on 9/17 and they told me that the buy out fell through. Does anyone know how we can get out of this freakin scam. These folks keep charging monthly dues and there is no gym. Has any members in AZ filed a law suite against this place and these people? This is unfair, unjust and down right wrong.


9/17/2010 - Mike


16th st and Bethany Home in phoenix opened for 2 mths or so showed up one day closed. Called # on window no call backs. Finance dept keeps calling me for mthly payment told me to keep and to call another two #'s no callbacks. The finance Company is Paramount dont trust them either. This is the short version of my story.


9/16/2010 - Brandon

This gym sucked...

This gym tried to take so much money from me, even tried to charge me an additional $40 "Enhancement" fee when all they did was build offices for sales staff...nothin was upgraded, I refused to pay the $40 and terminated my contract, but then they kept calling. Sorry West Coast you aint gettin my money.


9/14/2010 - scott

rays a lying asshole lets set the record

first of all i was there from the beginning when shane and i started doing consulting for keith and his other partners in ca.we helped make the club profitable
keith and kent wanted to open new clubs.they went to shane he told them what was needed they both promised to come up with a certain amount of $.which they never did.i had to laugh when people say he was gambling and drinking and doing drugs.shane used to get mad at me for making a 50 dollar bet.and never did or does drugs.he lives for this business.
the bottom line jana(keiths girlfriend) wanted to get her money back after so many months.and the only way to do that was to get with ray and do a take over(who invested 0 amount of money in the co)who is the biggest liar and drug addict you would never want to met.but he did fool shane.
to people that are still blaming shane, shame on you,you are liars and cheats.ray and kent stole all the money look at the dates and the records after a long investigation shane was cleared.if fact as soon as they kick shane out they took 45000 dollars out of the account and gave it to keith and jana a large portion.remember i was there.
its been a year and a half since those guys kick us was the best thing they could of ever of done.i'm proud of my best friend,he's down to 170 lbs training everyday and turn another club around WAY TO GO BRO.
look the bottom line i was there from the beginning shane tried to get money anyway he could to save the company and they promised so much money and never hit the hip .they destroyed the cojust to take it over.ray, fuck you evil mother fucker.
shane brother i love you bro you and i been through some shit and we can always stand tall.
i know where shane is. do you guys know what country ray lives in try canada right kent!!


9/14/2010 - Will

Pure Fintess

I tried contacting Paramount Acceptance and they told me it was bought out by Pure Fitness and that I need to contact them to cancel. Beside writing to the BBB can someone tell me who I can contact to sue these people and get my initiation fee back and to stop them from taking a monthly fee from my account.


9/13/2010 - adam

lost prepaid $

Paid $350 for 2 memberships and they closed their doors.


9/13/2010 - Bethany Member

Protect yourself

I just cancelled my debit card to make sure no more autowithdrawels will take place. There are No Tresspass signs taped up everywhere at this site and a legal notice about what will happen to vendors, etc. if they try to enter. I am guessing the property owner put some money up for Tenant Improvements in the lease agreement that I'm sure was minimum 5 years, so they are out that $$ & will not release equipment, etc. until they can recoup some/all.


9/12/2010 - JC


It's funny. Yes Shane Franklin was removed for questionable practices, Um almost 2 years ago people! Ray Pelasky and Kent White were actively involved in the Day to Days since. It was them, who double billed in AZ, not Shane. It was they who would not cancel memberships, it was they who did not pay employees, and Ray has a history of this in his past. Yes Shane was a thief, but it’s the pot calling the kettle black, because in earlier posts Jim Hardee (former VP) said Ray was embezzling and forging. Jim was Ray’s right hand man. Basically what they are saying is, they had a past owner that screwed them, but since they were screwed, it was okay to screw all of you. They act like you all are imagining what they did to all of you in AZ. How you had money taken even though you canceled. How they would not cancel your requests. How they bounced payroll accounts to hard working employees in AZ, young men and women needing paychecks. It's easy to blame everybody else, and take no responsibility for their actions! They are all
as shady as shady gets. I do not know Kent personally, just for short durations when he was in AZ, but do know plenty of people who know Mr. Pelasky, and his embezzling, harassing, snorting, crack using past , and obviously present. How do I know this. Because I was one of his assistance. Ray asked me to shred documents, lie to the IRS, and any other agency that looked for him. I had to change utilities every two months. I saw money missing from safes. He told us to hold onto cancels. Ray tried to tap every draft for as much as he could. He always claimed, he didn’t get the money in the accounts. I witnessed the drug transactions. I saw how employees struggled with bounced payroll, because I got the calls and emails from the Managers at the clubs. I was harassed by Ray Pelasky, having him put his hands on my shoulders and telling me I had to write emails, even about myself to the other owners. He would comment on my Bra Size and Ass. When it comes to Ray Pelasky I know it all and like others, saved it all! I will create and post an email you can reach me at. I will do what I can to help, because I want to see Ray Pelasky get what he has coming. This guy will throw anybody he can under the bus, and I venture to say, just about every post on here defending Ray and belittling everybody that has spoken out, is Ray himself. Ray is King at self preservation, he did nothing but blame everybody but himself, from California to AZ.

So yes Shane was a crook, 2 years ago. Ray probably was responsible for half of that as well. He controlled all the bank accounts, and even after they were in his name, said Shane tapped them and money was missing. That’s probably how he supported his drug habit. And again, Shane was removed almost 2 years ago! It’s been all Ray since! Oddly enough if you were to read the articles the Owner of Gold’s swears by Shane’s handling of situations now. Who would say that about Ray Pelasky or Kent White?



9/11/2010 - Joey

Sean um Ray...whichever, you somehow write the same way!

Yes Sean or Ray, you are either the same person typing many posts that attack people exposing you, or it’s Ray posing as Sean, or visa versa. Both illiterate at best! Nope nobody would never suspect what you type is retaliation for what I have written lol. The fact is...Mine are facts and yours, well are fiction. I will start posting an e-mail everyday from you crooks, and lets see what you can provide. Really, I harassed girls and boys, specially when I mentioned how Ray was accused several times of harassment at the clubs... which I have those e-mails as well. Come up with something original guys. Yep I’m fat but, Sean/Ray I still out sold your steroid ass every day. Sean, Ray who ever you are...I have given every e-mail to former employees coming after you from AZ. So I would say “your “day is coming. I have the facts and complaints on all of you. You throw out absolute bullshit, which goes beyond freedom of speech, but is slander. I can prove my words, you have no basis for yours nor proof. The only person that stole from anybody whether, West Coast, Lions Den or Nexlevel is Ray Pelasky and whoever handles the Drafts which would be you and your Dad Kent White…right Sean White? Everybody knows it, and look at the chaos in AZ, just like Nevada but worse. Common denominator Ray was in charge of Both! Look what is said about you guys on this site by Gym Members!

Shane Franklin was your scapegoat, and the articles were written based on your stories. As well, your business ethics and the way you handled employees and customers, speak for themselves.

Sean, or Ray your pieces of Shit Period. You left customers and employees in your wake.
And again, I believe Keith was stuck having to deal with the way you handled the company and you cost him everything!

Make sure you can substantiate your claims, because I can mine and know right where you are at Worlds Gym! I will let the NV Attorney General, The IRS and everybody else know just where to find your Worlds Gym in Cali lol.

Really guys come up with something better than I’m fat, gay, a thief…because, it’s purely retaliation, and as I help the people on this site with info on how to get every one of you! People know who you truly are.

Everybody knows that if a post comes from:

It’s all you guys, the thief’s that have ripped everybody off from Cali to AZ!

My background is in Collections and Skip tracing…so I can help you locate these guys anytime you need just let me know! I can also give you then names of the Attorneys and Agents that have requested info from me from The NV AG, The IRS and The Department of Labor in both NV and CA. I can also guide you through the process of small claims, judgments and going after there property and putting liens on it, like cars, boats vacation homes, homes…whatever they own!

Here is how you will find Kent White for your Final Pay or Money Stolen. Let me know if you need residential addresses or work info for serving them, I can get that as well on Ray or Kent, oh and Sean.

Worlds Gym
2340 East Street
Tracey California 95376
Ph# 209-836-3448


9/9/2010 - Owners that were burned

News Stories in Club Industry! Shane

Here is several articles about Mr. Franklin by Norm cates who published this in several magazines about Shane and what he has done to several investors over the lAST 8 YEARS!! READ FOR YOURSELF--

====This should shine a light on what really happen to the company!! and why it was in state it was in----

1 2 3 4 >>





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